Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The small things that make a big relationship

Somehow this is quite credible when it comes to life.

Our relationships with our life partners. Boyfriends, husbands, friends, parents.
Little things we do make a big difference.

The good morning kiss.
The won't-go-to-bed-over-a-fight.
The impromptu lunch.
The missed call that is meant to say "I love you".
The surprise visit home on Mom's birthday.
Staying overnight at a friend's place when she is low.

Playing the music she likes.
Cooking the meal he loves.

But somehow, why do we not use these same principles at work as well?
In our work relationships?

Is it only about that one big idea presentation for a client?
Or the annual CEO lunch?
The portfolio of effective and awarded campaigns?

Or is it also about that extra mile we go?
The little everyday touch.
Could be a proactive idea that helped an internal presentation.
An initiative that was not in the scope of work.
A call to check on a partner who is unwell.
A birthday wish.
Sharing a coffee and discussing niggling issues.

Just a call at times to say Hello.

This has always worked.
After all, we are not different people at work.
And all these little things add up.

Sometimes much more than just that big idea.

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  1. The relationships today have become more materialistic than actual caring. What I have observed in the recent past is what do I get in return from you, if I stay in relationship rather than that simple thought, 'I am there for you'!