Sunday, December 8, 2013

Don't you worry about me, I will always come out on top.

Was walking down the aisle of a bookshop yesterday when a book caught my eye.
Made me stop in my tracks.
It was as if time had stopped and transported me back thirty five years.
To the high ceiling-ed, white walled library my sister and I would go to, with my father every Sunday.

The book is a child's read.
Pippi Longstocking.
About an orphaned girl who is so strong that she can lift a horse.
And lives alone in an old big house.
And cooks pancakes and walks backwards because she hates turning back.

The girl who looks up through the peephole in the sky and tells her dead mom- Don't you worry about me, I will always come out on top.

I had borrowed this book from Digboi Club library when I was not yet ten.
Had buried my nose in it till late night.
Read every page.
Read them again.
Then told mum the story.
Mum read it too.

Mum and I felt sad about Pippi Longstocking.
And were mighty proud of her as well.
Mum told me- Poppy, you must always come out on top.

Mum's no longer there.
Nor is Dad.
In a way, I feel like Pippi.
I am strong.
I hate turning back.
And I like telling mum each night not to worry.
That I will come out on top.

I bought the book for my little girl.
Watching her read it as I write this.
Blessing her, hoping that she always comes out on top, and is strong enough to lift any burden in the world.

Just like Pippi Longstocking.