Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Room and the Door

Every morning, I sit in a chair and look out.

In front of me is the unmade bed, the work table in a slight disarray, my open laptop, the books, the bed side lamps, the water bottles next to the bed, sometimes the still sleeping forms of my family. 

In the middle of this, like a frame that has just been unveiled, is the door with its glass panes opening out to the balcony and the skies. The world outside.

This is what I looked at, stare at , as I sip my tea.

The frame and what lies beyond it balances so well, in spite of its contrast, to what is inside the room.

It tells me that it is fine to step out everyday.
To make the most of opportunities.
To touch lives.
To make that difference.
To own half the sky.

And that what empowers me, embraces me to do this every single day, is what lies inside the room.