Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A small intro

The name of the blog is more to inspire me , than my readers.
They say- if you keep counting your blessings,  the Universe showers you with more.

This blog, unlike Random Ramblings,  starts with some prelude to my life till now, and goes on with a real life update  of my dramatic days.

The reason why I thought it is a good idea to share this as it happens, is so that I, alongwith all of my friends and readers, glean some learnings on how to face odds, fight battles, both personal and legal, and emerge winners.

There is indeed a Kurukshetra and a  Mahabharata happening in each of us.
A fight we battle every day, every moment.

Between Good and Not so Good.

And , if need be, in this battle where the ultimate Truth always prevails, we must be ready to sacrifice those
who were once close to our hearts.

So keep reading... the first update will follow soon....