Sunday, October 7, 2012

A lesson on love

Life has taught me many lessons.
Some good. Some not so good.

But some of the most humbling lessons Life has taught me have been from unexpected sources.
People. Situations. Could be anything.Or anybody.
Even my six year old girl.

Over the past two years, my daughter has shown me that love is truly unconditional.
No questions asked. Ever. 

There are times when I see her little face fall when I am kissing her good bye.
Could be for a trip. Or a dinner out.
But the fall is quickly replaced by a strong smile and loving words- "Come back soon Mamma".
Never once has she asked me not to go.
Not once do I remember her tugging me, asking me to take her along as well.

So yesterday morning, over a quiet breakfast both of us were having together, I asked her whether there were times she felt bad when I was not with her.
I also armed myself with excuses and explanations before she could reply. 
Office, work, friends etc etc.

She just looked at me and said, " No Mamma. I love you and that's why when you are happy I never feel sad. I feel sad when I see you sad Mamma....."

In those few seconds, I was humbled.
She gave me freedom , in spite of feeling left out, because she loved me.
And loving means seeing someone happy.
Even if it comes at some cost.
Loving means no questions asked. You trust that person enough to know that no action can go against you.
You love that person so much that you never dream of him or her having any wrong intent, even though some actions may momentarily seem so.

As we walked home together with our bread and flowers after breakfast, I realised once again, that angels speak to us all the time.
Giving us lessons on Life and Love.

We just need to hear.
And learn.


  1. So beautiful, ma'am! Teared up a bit.. zoya's such an angel!

  2. I thought that this piece would just be like any other, preaching about love, but i am moved by what you wrote. Maybe you are right love is love when its unconditional..:)
    loved it!!